【E3平台】二階段驗證設定說明 2FA Setting Instructions.

Step 1 :安裝應用程式 Install the application.

Google Play (Android):Link |App Store (iOS):Link.

Step 2 :查收電子郵件 Receive Email.

Step 3 :開啟APP,按右下角新增。(透過QR Code或輸入金鑰) Open the APP and click on the cross button in the bottom right corner. (by QR code or by entering the key)

點選信中連結可以查看QR Code 進行掃描或直接輸入16位金鑰,由紅框處可知金鑰是IKELA4TW4CPRLARR。

Click on the link in the Email to view the QR Code for scanning or directly input the 16-digit key, which is IKELA4TW4CPRLARR as shown in the lettetr.

Step 4 :確認並填入登入頁 Confirm that the settings are complete and you can fill in the login page.

如有疑問請洽E3管理員 If you have any questions, please contact the E3 administrator.