112/05/03【Educator Event】The key to successful application of Hope Theory (English Speech)

【Educator Event】The key to successful application of Hope Theory (English Speech)

【教師活動】Hope Theory應用的成功關鍵 (英語演講)

(1) Definition and Characteristics of Hope Theory (Hope Theory的定義和特點)
(2) How to Assess Students’ Hope Level (如何評估學生的希望水平)

(3) Implementation and Application (內容實踐和應用)

Speaker:Dr. Spencer Neil

Dr. Spencer Neil has served as the Director of the National Hope Research Center in the United States, as well as the Dean of the School of Education at William & Mary, the second oldest higher education institution in the country. He has been recognized as one of the most influential education school deans in the United States. Dr. Neil has also served as the President of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) for two terms. He is a researcher and advocate of Hope Theory, having studied under Dr. C.R. Snyder.

主講人:Dr. Spencer Neil (NCDA簽約主席)

Dr. Spencer Neil 曾擔任美國國家希望研究中心的主任、及美國第二古老的高等教育機構-威廉瑪麗學院(William & Mary)教育學院院長,曾被評為是美國最有影響力的教育學院院長之一。亦為國際生涯發展學會(NCDA)兩屆的會長。
Dr. Spencer Neil為Hope理論的研究者和推廣者,師承Dr. C.R. Snyder。

–Event information–

Date:5/3 (Wed) 9:00-12:00

Venue:Guangfu Campus Science Building C 207 classroom

Registration URL:https://forms.gle/GxaRuhdLzfAex9mA9

日期:5/3(星期三) 9:00-12:00
地點:陽明交通大學光復校區 科學三館207教室 (新竹市東區大學路1001號)