As the pandemic gradually eases, schools are returning to predominantly physical classroom settings. However, online teaching remains one of the hottest instructional methods. The blend of hybrid, online, and in-person teaching modes challenges teachers to have the flexibility to adapt their content and methods.🤔
Through the three-step process of utilizing voice, teaching methods, and assessing learning outcomes, we progressively enhance the soft power of online teaching, unleashing the unimaginable potential of digital transformation. This empowers teachers to choose their teaching modes more flexibly!💖
To alleviate the anxiety associated with diverse teaching methods, you need the hidden power of “stress relief techniques.”   🤸‍♂️   

Stress is not a stumbling block, but an opportunity to regain control of your emotions. Speak with precision and purpose, and no one will underestimate you. Your world is built on the power of speech.💪
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Date:6/14 (Wed) 12:10-16:50
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200 college and university faculty and staff nationwide (local faculty and staff have priority).


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