About US

Office of Academic Affairs

The office of academic affairs is responsible for organization and personnel administration, budgeting, teaching related affairs and academic affairs meetings.
The office has set up the following sections and centers: Admission Section, Registration Section, Curriculum Section, Teaching Resources Section, Internship Section; Faculty Development Center, Continuing Education Center, Open Education office and Higher Education Accreditation for Teaching, HEAT.

  • Academic affairs meetings
  • Civil service and project staff hirings
  • Annual budgetary control of the Office of Academic Affairs
  • Budgeting for the Higher Education Sprout Project、KPI Management
  • Calendar planning

Division of Registrar

Responsible for academic records, grades and other related affairs.

  • Establishment and modification of regulations relate to academic records and grades.

Division of Curriculum

Introduction to the Curriculum Section:

  • Management of semester/summer course offerings, alternations and scheduling
  • Semester/summer course registration, Inter-institutional course registration
  • Computation of instructor wages
  • Credit fees payment
  • Student feedback survey
  • University-level Curriculum Committee meetings
  • Evaluating Committee for Continuing Education Programs
  • Management of classroom reservation

Division of Admissions

The division is responsible for the admission affairs of Overseas Chinese students & Mainland Chinese students.

Center for Teaching and Learning Development

Division of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources Section’s main responsibility is to support the digital teaching platform. We assist the faculty with creating digital learning materials, and provide distance learning, open courses related resources and services.

  • Development, maintenance, management and promotion of e3 digital teaching platform
  • Maintenance and management of digital learning system
  • Online course video recording and making support
  • Recording equipment borrowing
  • Maintenance and management of online learning platform
  • Maintenance and management of distance teaching software (Evercam, Zuvio, Webex, QC3)
  • Planning, setting, maintenance and management of distance learning hardware
  • Online course TA training
  • Course evaluation of online course
  • Publication and marketing

Center for Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Center organizes educational activities for the society with the propose of enhancing public knowledge and cultural competence. NYCU aims to cultivate a new generation of professional high technology, biomedical and management talents. Our curriculum offers courses that meet the social needs of the job market, which are designed to develop and employ students’ employment skills. The wide variety of courses are taught by NYCU professors with great teaching experienced and research skills.

  • Arrangement, coordination, promotion and innovation for Continuing Education Center affairs.
  • Continuing Education Information System
  • Continuing education committee meetings, customer service on continuing education courses
  • Continuing education courses, Summer & Winter camp planning and implementation
  • Course planning, feasibility assessment and proposal writing
  • Exchange student program
  • AP courses and Pre-U School courses
  • Credit program

Division of Internships

Clinical internship has been included in many study programs in the university to prepare the students for the workplace. Throughout the internship, the students are able to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Internship section assists departments/institutes with the internship services and serves as a bridge between the university and the internship institutions.

  • Management of internship section services
  • Administrative documents and regulations
  • University-level internship committee meetings
  • Internship training programs (change of hospitals/ specialties)
  • Management of internship subsidies
  • Internship site visits and symposiums
  • Exchange Clinical clerkship programs
  • Off-campus internship accident insurance
  • Clinical internship contracts
  • Management of internship section services
  • Other Directives

Center of Higher Education Accreditation for Teaching

Higher Education Accreditation for Teaching (HEAT) aims to connect Taiwan higher education institutes to the world. We provide faculty and doctoral students with professional training for enhancing teaching. We also assist them in meeting Professional Standards Framework and obtaining HEA Fellowship.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education was founded in July 2019 to promote higher education accreditation related affairs. The center is responsible for the implementation of Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Advance Higher Education (Advance HE) Program, Higher Education Sprout Project and The Strengthening of International Competitiveness Project (MOE).