語教育與學習推動辦公室(The Office of Bilingual Education, 簡稱OBE)為功能性一級行政單位,由教務處負責協助實施本校雙語教育的發展和增強計劃。本辦公室主要任務包括依據教育部政策及本校雙語教育諮詢委員會制定之本校雙語教育方針,擬定推動策略、推進計劃、管理資源和評估績效。OBE與校內各單位(教務處、國際處、各學院 EMI 辦公室、語言教學與研究中心等)以及校外相關機構合作,整合相關資源,提升本校雙語教育。


The Office of Bilingual Education (OBE) is a functional administrative office affiliated with the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). The aim of OBE is to implement and oversee plans for the growth and enhancement of the University bilingual education. The tasks of OBE include formulating strategies based on the MOE (Ministry of Education) bilingual education policies and the Bilingual Education Advisory Committee. We work closely with the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of International Affairs, the college EMI offices, and Language Teaching and Research Center. We also cooperate with other universities. By integrating all the resources, we expect to promote the bilingual education in NYCU.


        辦公室下設兩功能性單位:語言學習與寫作中心 (Language Learning and Writing Center, LLWC)EMI 課程教學與學習中心 (English-Medium instruction, EMI Teaching and Learning Center)

There are two functional units under the office: Language Learning and Writing Center (LLWC) and EMI Course Teaching and Learning Center.