NYCU Talk winners from Chiao Tung Campus

交大校區學生勇奪大學組及研究生組的冠亞軍獎項!! 雙語教育與學習推動辦公室(OBE)舉辦第一屆NYCU talk,第一階段跨校區學生踴躍報名,經過評審線上審核,從近50位參賽者中,遴選出大學組、碩博組各8位參賽者進入決賽。在激烈的競賽後,由交大校區三位優秀的同學分別在大學組及研究生組榮獲第一及第二名,狂賀! 指導老師為語言教學與研究中心的吳思葦老師!

Students from the Chiao Tung campus won the first and second awards in the undergraduate and postgraduate groups in the NYCU Talk competition!! The Office of Bilingual Education and Learning Promotion (OBE) held the first NYCU talk this year. In the first phase of cross-campus (Yang Ming and Chiao Tung Campuses), students actively signed up. Among the 50 contestants, 16 contestants from the undergraduate and postgraduate groups were selected to enter the final. After the fierce competition, three outstanding students from the Chiao Tung University campus won first and second place in the postgraduate group and second place in the undergraduate group. Congratulations! Their instructor is Linda Wu from the Language Teaching and Research Center!