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  • Update Date:2023-08-30
  • Units:Division of Teaching Resources
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Online Course Registration System User Guide
NYCU students’ applications for domestic cross-college course taking shall be approved by the heads of the students’ departments (institutes), and the students shall complete the course registration procedures. NYCU will not accept the credits and transcripts from NYCU students who take courses from other colleges without approval.
Students are not allowed to attend two subjects conflicting with each other in the same session. Otherwise, the grades of both subjects will be calculated based on the X grade, and the students have to integrate the course timetable and adopt flexible teaching sessions, unless the organizing unit confirms that no conflict with any course actually exists.
If the student retakes the course and receives a grade no less than D, for the course taken by them previously, they may apply to take courses conflicting with each other, provided that they may only take the course conflicting with another course for no more than one session per week in a semester.


The course withdrawal application, if any, shall be filed no later than two weeks prior to the semester exams prescribed in the relevant semester calendar. The summer course application, if any, shall be filed prior to the semester exams


The student’s course withdrawal application shall be subject to prior approval of the course instructor and head of the student’s department (institute). Then, the application form shall be submitted to the Curriculum Division of the Office of Academic Affairs.


The withdrawn course shall still be reported in the transcript of the semester indicating the letter “W” in the grade column. The credits of the withdrawn course will not be included in the total credits for the semester.